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My name is Brandon and my lovely wife's name is Stephanie.

Together we have four beautiful children: Leighton, Addison, Kayson and Braylee.

My wife and I started our family in 2011 living in the city limits . 


In 2019, we decided to start sharing our lives on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. While living in the city limits, we started raising chickens, quail, and rabbits.  We also attempted to learn how to grow a garden. We are still working on that. 


We noticed the kids really enjoyed the animals and learning new things about the animals and growing a garden. So, in 2021 we decided to purchase 17 1/2 acres out in the country and start a small farm. In 2022, the Eddy Family Farm kicked off, as and we now have plans to build a home on our property.  Which we are waiting on to be built. We recently made the decision to go ahead and move out to the property and live in an RV while we're waiting on our home to be built.

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